Mike Dowling

Wind River Guitar School, Now booking for 2016

Wind River Music School

Located high in the beautiful northern Rockies, Wind River Guitar offers week long, affordable, private master instruction for one or two students at a time with lodging, meals and unlimited lessons provided for one low, all-inclusive price.

The Idea. In the fall of 1996 when Mike and Jan Dowling traded Nashville, Tennessee for little Dubois, Wyoming they began to open their new home to a limited number of private guitar students who wanted to continue to study with Mike. By the following spring word of their unique program had spread and Wind River Guitar was up and running, hosting a broad range of students looking for intensive, personal master instruction.

The Program. Fingerstylists, flatpickers, or slide players looking to hone their skills, add to their musical vocabulary, explore a new direction, or simply jump-start their playing find that hanging with Mike for a week is a guitar player's dream come true. Mike tailors his instruction to accommodate individual skill levels, goals, and expectations and in return asks only that students come to him with a clear idea of what it is they want to work on and be physically capable of playing guitar for several hours a day. Wind River Guitar can accommodate one or two students at a time, but because of the intimacy of the experience we do not book strangers to share a week. Single students have Mike available one-on-one while those who come with a friend at the same playing level and interest are taught together at considerable savings. Mike puts no limits on the teaching clock but knows that even the most enthusiastic students need time to rest and assimilate the material. When students need a break they appreciate the fact that we're located in an area surrounded by millions of acres of national forest with the trout stream just a short walk from our front door.

Wind River Guitar isn't for everyone. We have a limited number of weeks available for private students and Mike does not accept beginners. But if you're ready for a new approach to guitar instruction -- personal, intensive, inspiring -- you'll find no better mentor than Mike.

Wind River Guitar is located near Dubois, Wyoming, fifty miles east of Jackson Hole and less than two hours from Yellowstone National Park. We take students year-round, depending upon Mike's availability. To request a brochure with rate schedule, please click here.

Here's what a few of Mike's students have said about their week at Wind River Guitar.

"Thank you for the recent [mention] of Mike Dowling's Wind River Guitar School. I've just returned from a stay with Mike and Jan Dowling, which was exceptional. Mike is a world-class guitarist and teacher. I also gained five pounds from the great meals."
Dick Stoner, Hoytsville, Utah, in a letter printed in Acoustic Guitar, March 1998.

"Too much fun! Everything was great, from the guitar instruction down to Jan's cooking. I feel energized."

"A great guitar camp! Fishing and guitar instruction in Wyoming is the ultimate . . . very relaxing . . . a true haven in the mountains. . . we'll be back next year."

"What a wonderful week! Incomparable instruction and incomparable hospitality in an incomparable setting."

"Came away re-motivated and charged. You've got a great thing going, Mike. Thanks for your patience, humor, talent and the diminished 7th chords. I'll be back."

"I had a wonderful time, it was worth every penny and more. Thank you for the care and attention you gave me."

"I can't thank you both enough for an enjoyable and exhausting week. My fingers are sore, my brain scrambled with more tunes and techniques than a human being can usually tolerate. For the serious and not-so-serious wannabe guitarist this is as good as it gets."

"Good food, lessons, everything you promised and more."

"I looked forward to this week for the last few months with eagerness and high expectations. Clearly they weren't high enough. Jan, your hospitality, enthusiasm and general friendliness has provided a background to the school. Mike, I got more stuff that I need and can apply this week than ever before. I feel energized and able going home. Thank you both."

"Thanks so much for opening your home to Bob and me. We have been given so much music and fed so well, it's been a great experience . . .I feel a new zeal from all the musical exposure!"

"Thanks so much for allowing me to share the week with you in such a wonderful place. I think I learned as much off the fretboard as on. Your approach to both music and life is a good lesson for all."

"A truly wonderful vacation! Fine food, great weather, beautiful scenery, wonderful new friends, a great old dog and fabulous instruction!"

"Thanks for an incredible time, when can we move in? The food, hospitality, lessons, everything was great. Can't wait to get back and continue work on what you taught me, Mike. Thank you so much."

"What a great week. We came with guitar, fishing and riding in mind but enjoyed the guitar part so much we never got past it. Oh well. Another time. You are wonderful hosts and great people. It's been a pleasure."

"Awesome week! Your home, the setting, the food, everything was beyond our expectations and added greatly to our overall guitar experience. Thanks for sharing your music, Mike, the wealth of tunes and ideas, not to mention the 10:30 p.m. jams."

" A really great week. I can't imagine how it could have been better."